Christine Harvey What are your needs?  If your business or conference needs a high impact Keynote Speaker, if your publishing company needs books or articles that grab and keep on selling, if your station needs unique programming, if your company needs a highly effective Board Member, or if you simply want to buy a book that knocks your socks've come to the right site.

What they say:  Christine Harvey's audiences give her rave reviews. One client said, "Over the last three years, we've invited a Prime Minister, a famous comedian and Christine Harvey. Of them all, Mrs. Harvey motivated them best."

One seminar attendee said, "Best speaker I've ever heard!" A producer said, "Her programming ideas give a unique perspective. People love it."

One President of the Board said, "She brings tremendous expertise and contacts, AND keeps our meetings positive and moving on target." One reader said, "I read her book every night and I wake up every morning motivated to take action!" 

The results you can expect:  Individuals in over 100 industries and 20 countries, have been helped to reach their growth goals through speeches, seminars, books, articles, tapes, TV and radio programs, training and consulting... with immediate results. 

Christine Harvey is a woman of action. As an author, businesswoman, and award winning sales executive, she and her organization can assist you in the areas of sales, marketing, management, communication, motivation and leadership development. Her skill as a motivator means that managers, staff and business owners alike TAKE ACTION ... to achieve results today. 

About Christine Harvey 

Speaker/Trainer: Christine Harvey has been a speaker and trainer to 100,000 people including the US Military, multicultural audiences, corporations and Management Institutes in Europe, Asia and North America. When the Wall of Communism fell, her company was the first to enter the Eastern Bloc and train over 40,000. She is an award winning speaker, Toastmaster, and National Speakers Association 10 year member. Audiences say that after they are in her midst, they are inspired to reach their full potential. 

Author: She is the author of SIX best selling business books ... published in 22 languages ... and articles syndicated in the Los Angeles Times and 100 other major newspapers and magazines worldwide ... Two of the books, Your Pursuit of Profit and Secrets of the World's Top Sales Performers, have sold over 150,000 copies each in multiple languages. 

Broadcaster: As a TV and radio broadcaster, she is host, subject expert, concept creator and producer...including programming on leadership in Bosnia... She has been a featured television guest on 80 stations worldwide. Her current show features people making a difference in government, politics and the community. 

Board Member: She brings you experience from her Board of Directors positions... a venture capitol company, a micro-lending bank, Chairmanship of one of the London Chambers of Commerce...the first American and first woman to hold that position...and an organization Board with 38,000 members in 60 countries, as well as running three companies of her own. (Full Biography)

Our purpose:  The fast pace of life and business today means there is no time to reinvent the wheel. The purpose of all our programs is to bring you principles from a cross section of industries and top achievers, which can be adapted easily and quickly to your needs. All programs are of the high integrity and professional standard that you can trust...and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Let Christine Harvey and her organization help you with your needs. Enter your request for dates or materials now. We look forward to working together to help you reach your goals.

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